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A party based in Portland dedicated to exploring new and old sounds of dance music in Latin and Pan-American regions. Gran Ritmos introduces DJs and live acts who are using latin music as an inspiration for re-makes and original productions for the contemporary dance floor.

– Cumbia, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Ruidoson, Moombathon, Bass, Favela, Baile Funk, Tribal, Dembow, Techno, Dub, Club, Post-Internet, Utopian and everything in between –

Every fourth Friday of the month at The Rose Bar.

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pigmensotonicoHere is the live set I did last week for White Noise Radio live from Kboo 90.7 FM.Most songs were produced by Latin American producers, except: CosmoVitelli, Crowdpleaser, Fake Blood, Loco Dice, SPF666 and Taso.

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Noisey Mexico released my latest mixtape two weeks ago. The set explores latinamerican producers or labels influenced by a mix of regional sounds and electronic music that vary from bass, techno, house, dub and dance. The dialogue between the songs are a mix of social topics such as drugs, colonialism, parties, violence and saturation of (mis)information.

The cover art is made by Mexican artist, METEORO. Mariana has been active in the Global Bass scene since the very beginning by creating visual identities for artists such as Bomba Estéreo, Frikstailers, Uproot Andy, Copia Doble Sistema, Copyflex, and others. In her work, she creates a psychedelic reinterpretation of Andean, Huichol and other Latin American tribes by using geometric references and street art. Her visuals are a perfect mixture of creole roots and digital sounds. She currently lives in Berlin working on new projects.


Wolf Chase ( original mix) – Rubinskee

Deep Cumbia Riddim – Dany F

Cuyen – Matanza

¡Pierdelo! – Dj Nombre Apellido

Geffen ( Phillip Gorvachev version) – Barnt

Maldición de Malinche – Matanza

Cinco Tres Equis Cero – Cristamar

42 grados – Siete Catorce

Luciano los niños mueren de afuera ( Luciano 4 vice Matenlo edit) – Matenlo

La música del pasoncito – DJ Guaguis

El amante de la selva – Traansbordador Bataan – Lechuga Zafiro

El Camotero – Los Macuanos

Neter – Zut Zut

Se va la Lora- Dub Across Borders



BYE 2013

bestFuiste contingente e inesperado, lleno de retos y oportunidades. Me sumergí, me perdí y me encontré. Sin duda cierro este año con una gran sonrisa, el 2014 pinta bien. Gracias a toda la gente hermosa que me rodea, mis viejos y nuevos amigos, mucho éxito el siguiente año.
These are few of my favorite…

The Latin American Side 2013


The Chill Side 2013


The Dance Side 2013